Raka and pupil



Raka, at the age of 12, was the star of the show described in the book Dancing out of Bali.

On seeing the dances in Bali, Freddie Schang, the President of Columbia Artists, said

"The little darling - oh, the little darling!...Ni Gusti Raka - that's your star! She's great. She's so sweet I could eat her with a spoon. All the little girls are darlings - the American public will go crazy about 'em. They're terrific kids. You - you - you've got together here a galaxy of talent that's going to make even Broadway think. But what gets me is to think I came 12,000 miles to this mud-walled village under its coconut palms and find great art."

Raka now teaches young Balinese girls dance at the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) in her home village of Peliatan.

She teaches three times a week and visitors are welcome.

ARMA is on Jalan Pengosekan.

Telephone numbers are (62) 361 976659 or 975742.

Fax number is (62) 361 975332.

ARMA is shown on the map available free at www.murnis.com.

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